Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

"I have signs of menopause. How can I reverse this and still get pregnant?"

So you may be concerned that you’re having signs of menopause and you may be wondering what effect this has on your fertility, and if there’s anything you can do to postpone menopause if you’re still able to get pregnant, having signs of menopause, and so on and so forth. So in the U.S., the average age of menopause is 51 years old and early menopause would be considered any time in your 30s or early 40s, like premature menopause. Early menopause would be in your early to mid 40s and then average menopause should be around 50 or 51 would be the average age.

So if you’re having signs of menopause like maybe you’re having an irregular cycle, maybe you’re skipping cycles, maybe one cycle, it’s only 23 days, next cycle is 40 days. Maybe you’re having hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, and so on and so forth. Well, and the tricky part is that you can have these signs. You can have hormonal irregularities, you can have hormonal changes, you can have cycle irregularities, you can have high FSH, low AMH. You can have any of these signs of menopause from other causes as well.

So if you are in your late 30s or early 40s, it can be a bit tricky, because it may seem like it’s signs of menopause, or perimenopausal, and obviously that can be a bit alarming. But what I like to teach women is that it’s not so much about whether you’re in menopause or not. I mean, menopause is when your period has stopped for at least a year completely. And you’re in that age bracket of you know … unless you’ve been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, you’re in the range of menopause.

There are other reasons why you may not be getting a period for a year, like polycystic ovarian syndrome. Amenorrhea caused by say malnutrition, or there can be some other reasons, but if you’re in your 40s, and you haven’t gotten your period for over a year, then this may be an indication that you have gone through menopause. So that’s a bit tricky. But if you’re just having perimenopausal symptoms or just … perimenopausal symptoms may or may not indicate that you’re approaching menopause or they may just be an indication of like women in their 30s can also have cycle irregularities, or women in their 20s can also have cycle irregularities; night sweats, hot flashes, and so on and so forth.

If you’re having these early signs of menopause, but you’re still wanting to get pregnant, then it’s really important that give your body what it needs. Because if you’re going into menopause at an earlier age, then that’s because your body doesn’t have the support it needs. Your reproductive organs and your hormones do not have what they need to continue to maintain a healthy, fertile cycle. But this doesn’t mean that you’re becoming infertile and that you’re about to go into menopause. You can postpone menopause by giving your body what it needs so that you can reverse that and go back and have a healthy cycle.

Because as long as you’re still ovulating, then it’s still possible for you to get pregnant. So the goal then is to balance your hormones, and to support egg health, and to also have a healthy uterus so that implantation can take place. And so whether it’s early menopause or whether it’s just you know, cycle irregularities because of your lifestyle, and because your body isn’t getting the support that it needs, doesn’t really matter. What matters is what you do about it.

So like in my program, Fertility Activation Method, I teach women how to track the signs that they’re having, the symptoms that they’re having throughout their cycle. What do their periods look like? How often is their period coming? What other symptoms do they have? Are they having night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings? Do they have digestive irregularities? I teach women how to track their health, essentially, so that they know how to support their health. They know that the areas of their health and where they’re lacking, where their body is not getting the support that it needs to maintain healthy hormones and maintain healthy egg health so that they are fertile.

And then I teach the tools to be able to give your body that support through my acupressure protocols that are done throughout the cycle through castor oil packs, through abdominal massage, and meditations, and specific exercises, and dietary and supplements, and so forth. So that if you’re having an irregular cycle, if you’re skipping periods, if you’re having mood swings, if you’re having night flashes, night sweats, hot flashes, if you have high FSH, low AMH, poor egg health or a low egg count, any of these issues, what you can do to overcome these symptoms, reverse these symptoms, get your body back into a healthy rhythm, balance out those hormones so that you don’t keep going in the direction of menopause.

So maybe your fertility’s starting to decline, but when you give your body what it needs, it can come back up so that it’s not declining and going into menopause. Instead it’s sustaining its fertility and pushing off menopause until you’re closer to 50, or in your 50s, rather than your 40s.

So it’s not quite as important to say, is this perimenopause or not? As long as you’re still having a cycle, and as long as you’re still ovulating, and it hasn’t been a year that you’ve gone without a cycle, then you can still support your fertility to get pregnant. So hopefully that is a bit reassuring. And if you’re still wanting a baby, if you’re still wanting to try to conceive and have your own biological child, then you definitely need to give your body all the support that you can to postpone that decline in your fertility, and restore and rejuvenate your fertility, and keep it thriving until it truly is time to make that transition.

And the beauty of the method that I teach is that it will also prepare you to have a healthier, easier menopause down the line, because the more now that your body’s actually stressed out hormonally, and just also the health of your eggs and your uterus, your ovaries, your reproductive organs, like a lack of circulation, just suck a lot of energy there, the more difficult of a menopause you’re most likely going to have. Because when your body is deficient in what it needs and it’s not operating as smoothly as it can be, then that’s going to make menopause more difficult.

So whatever you’re doing to support your fertility will also end up supporting a healthy transition down the line. It will be supporting your hormonal health for life. So I would really encourage you to do everything you can to give your body the support it needs, that it still is possible for you to get pregnant. Or even if you just want to have healthy hormones throughout this time of your life, during the perimenopausal stage and up through menopause. So you really can’t go wrong by supporting your hormonal health and your reproductive health, which is what my program teaches to do.

And so again, I teach you how to measure your health and fertility and how to read the signs and symptoms that your body is telling you, and then provide you with the tools like my signature acupuncture protocols that I developed clinically, have been proven clinically, along with the other tools that I teach in my program to maintain your reproductive health.

So hopefully that shines a little bit of light on being perimenopausal, and what that means for your fertility and your ability to keep trying to conceive and what you can do about it to really give yourself the best support.

And if you want to learn more, I would invite you to sign up for my free master class. It’s my number one fertility secret for getting pregnant without drugs or IVF, but it’s also completely relevant if you are using IVF or any kind of fertility treatment. It can help you to prepare for that as well. And I go over my four step method for preparing your body for conception when you’re trying naturally or with IVF, and you want to make the most of your IVF cycle or you’re fertility treatment cycle. And it’s totally applicable for women in their late 30s, early 40s, and perimenopausal.

And I had so many clients that are perimenopausal that ended up being healthier and more fertile at 40 and over 40 than they were in their 30s. I kid you not, because again, it comes back to giving your body what it needs. And it’s not necessarily just a matter of what your age is. You could be more fertile at 40 if you’re supporting your body in ways that you weren’t when you were 30.

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