Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

The 2 things that inspired me to help others have their miracle babies

My name is Heidi Brockmyre, M.S., L.Ac. (those fancy letters mean I’m a Licensed acupuncturist and earned a Masters of Science in Chinese Medicine) For over a decade now I’ve dedicated myself to helping women and couples conceive healthy babies so they can fulfill their sacred calling to be parents and finally love up on the sweet little cutie pies they’ve been dreaming of FOREVER!

So how did I get into helping women and couples have babies? 2 things deeply inspired me to follow this path. First of all, My son, whom I conceived, birthed and have managed to keep healthy with the help of Chinese medicine. Parenting my son has been a sacred calling. He inspires me to help others fulfill their sacred calling to be a parent and bring their babies into the world.

The other thing that inspired me was my frustration with the limitations of Western medicine to balance and restore women’s reproductive health. Most women don’t want to take drugs or have surgery when their bodies are off, right? We’d much rather get our bodies back into rhythm naturally. When I discovered how powerful Chinese medicine is for balancing and restoring women’s health and fertility, I was super inspired to specialize in fertility and teach women how to use the tools of Chinese medicine in their daily lives because there’s SOOO much more to it than acupuncture. There’s so much you can do at home on a daily basis to get balanced and ultimately pregnant. In fact, I’ve gotten such better results with my acupuncture patients who used these tools at home between their treatments

That’s what inspired me to design my online program, Fertility Activation Method.

As a fertility specialist who’s helped (brag alert!) THOUSANDS of couples conceive, I’ve become your go-to-girl for getting pregnant the healthier, easier, faster and more affordable way. I do this by delivering ancient wisdom with a modern approach with my program, FAM. And the coolest thing about it is that it can be done at home by anyone anywhere in the world. You don’t need to come to my clinic!

My approach teaches you to BELIEVE in your ability to conceive again, no matter how much you’ve tried (I’m sure you’ve tried everything and feel like nothing’s worked but you still can’t give up) and my approach teaches you how to give yourself the RIGHT SUPPORT so you can finally fall pregnant just like you’re naturally designed to do.

Your body wants to be pregnant. When you provide your body + mind + spirit + heart + soul with the love, care, attention, nutrients, movement and support it needs, you can restore your whole health and maintain a state of balance that allows for natural processes, like pregnancy and birth, to occur on their own.

P.S. Wanna learn more? Watch my FREE 5-Step Fertility Reset Masterclass by going HERE. My proven baby-making strategy that works no matter what you’ve tried before, how old you are or how messed up you think your fertility is (I’ve seen it all!)!