“What food should I eat (or shouldn’t eat) to get pregnant?”

“What food should I eat (or shouldn’t eat) to get pregnant?”

Our diet is important and our ability to absorb the nutrition is equally important.

Diet is the foundation of our health. Often times we find it to be very complicated, but this video gives you some basic guidelines.

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What foods should or shouldn’t you eat to get pregnant?

This is obviously such an important question really.

Diet is the foundation of health and healing.

A lot of times we like to find the really complicated answers, fancy answers. So like, “Well what do I need to do to get pregnant and to improve my fertility?”

And you know, if we’re not focused on our diet then we are really skipping over the most important step. So really food is the number one medicine.

It can be an overwhelming question though because if you Google this, there’s infinite different ideas out there about what you should do. “Oh, this is the answer. This is the answer. That’s the answer. This.” And they’re all contradicting each other, right?

One fertility diet says don’t eat dairy and then another fertility diet says, “Oh eat lots and lots of dairy. Just eat dairy until it’s coming out of your ears. That’s what worked for me.”

Or, “This is the fertility diet.” So it can get pretty overwhelming and confusing out there. I’m just going to be another voice out there on the internet that adds to all these various opinions. I can tell you that my voice is backed by 10 years of clinical practice as a fertility specialist and doctor of Chinese medicine. So I’m a licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine and I also have an online program and fertility activation method where I’ve helped thousands of women around the world conceive their babies, I’ve helped thousands of women in my community in San Diego, California, have their babies in my 10 years of clinical practice. And I’m also practicing medicine that’s been around for thousands of years, it’s time tested and used on billions of people.

I personally trust this system because I’ve just seen it work again and again and again and again, and it’s just been around for so long. So it’s so much beyond me. It took like five years of training, I had to take this really difficult exam to become licensed. So I’m not just some person who just was like, “Well, you know what? I drank a ton of milk and got pregnant.” Or somebody who’s just decided that they got this message from the ether and they now know the perfect diet to tell everybody to use. This is based on science. It’s based on a solid medical system. So I’ll just preface it with that and if it resonates with you and you trust what I have to say, then awesome. I’m just putting this out there because I want to help you and because I’ve helped thousands of women. So this is what my recommendations are based on.

Let’s just start with some basics that I think that nobody can argue with.

One important thing to do is to eat regularly.

There’s a lot of fads out there that are about fasting, this intermittent fasting, and perhaps in some situations, it could be helpful, but for the purposes of fertility it’s really important to keep your digestive system strong.

If you’re skipping meals, if you’re fasting for extended periods of time and your body can’t kind of depend on this regularity, then it’s basically thinking about…think about it if you’re exercising sporadically, you exercise here, you exercise there, like once every couple of weeks and then it’s not sort of a regular thing. Then those muscles don’t really have the time to get stronger with that consistency. Well, it’s the same principle with eating. When you’re eating regularly then your body’s metabolism is stimulated on a regular basis. It’s not stimulated and then totally stopped, started, stopped, started, stopped. That can weaken your metabolism, weaken your digestive energy.

So what’s really important to understand is that it’s not just about what you put into your body, it’s not just about like, “What foods should I put in my body?” It’s about your body’s ability to actually make use of the nutrition in that food. You could put beautiful cooked dark leafy greens in your body, but if your body’s only really able to assimilate 25 to 50% of that nutrition versus 75 to 100% of that nutrition, it’s not getting what it needs. So you really want to not only eat good healthy foods that support your fertility, but you really want to make sure your body and you are supporting your digestive energy. Eating regularly will help to support it.

Eating slowly and in a relaxed manner. Again, this is one of those cases of like, “I want a really complicated fancy answer. Tell me this magical recipe that’ll make my eggs so golden, like they’ll just get pregnant just by looking at a sperm, just by the mention of the word sperm.” It doesn’t necessarily work like that. These are daily habits that we have that slowly chip away at our health over time. So you probably want a more glamorous answer than eating slowly and relax, but our modern lifestyles, unfortunately, have us eating, scarfing down food. I’m guilty of this myself, but I try to make a consistent effort to go, “Hey, no, don’t scarf down food in front of the computer, go sit at the table, relax.” Then I have to remind myself, give yourself this time. Let yourself enjoy the food. Give gratitude for the food and drink some tea with it and really enjoy it and just take this time out for yourself.

Because I know, it’s so simple, but I can’t emphasize it enough; when your digestive system is relaxed and you’re not in that, you know that feeling, that, “I’m working,” feeling where you’re just tense and you’re preoccupied and you’re in your head and stuff and your adrenaline is pumping. Your body is not in a position to digest, so you’re not going to absorb the food as effectively and you’re going to have things like dry skin and your uterine lining won’t be as nourished, your periods won’t be as healthy, your eggs won’t be as healthy. So eating slowly and relaxed and chewing your food. That right there will help you get so much more nutrition out of the food that you’re eating.

Then eating a warm breakfast on a daily basis and making sure that there’s protein in the breakfast, not just a carb-based breakfast. Protein, healthy fats like avocado, you can have a healthy warm whole grain cereal, maybe put some walnuts in there, some berries. Or you could have eggs if you’re not allergic to eggs, some people are allergic to eggs, but if you’re not allergic to eggs, you know, some pasture-raised healthy eggs with some avocado or maybe some sauteed vegetables. Along those lines. A warm breakfast is important because this is when you’re kind of revving your digestion up for the day and a lot of cold foods or uncooked foods, like lots of salads and stuff, they will weaken the digestive energy, they take more energy for your body to break down that food.

Breakfast is so important because this is what is going to set your digestion up for the day. If you start off not eating breakfast or you eat something that’s just carbs, it’s going to make your blood sugar spike, then it’s going to affect your digestion for the entire day and it’s going to slow it down, it’s going to destabilize your blood sugar levels, which can cause inflammation and can cause hormone imbalances, it can cause mood swings, all of these things. So the protein and a warm breakfast is great for fertility.

On that note of eating something warm, the next thing I recommend is having about 75% cooked vegetables. And then you can have about 25% salads. So I really recommend having cooked vegetables versus raw vegetables. Again, those raw vegetables take a lot more energy for your body to break down and assimilate that nutrition. But it doesn’t mean that you can never have a salad. So I just recommend about 75% to 80% focused on cooked vegetables. When you do have a salad, I recommend having a warm grain with it, maybe like some quinoa or some warm tea like ginger tea to offset that cold, shocking cold rawness that’s being dumped into your digestive system. Cooked dark, leafy greens and cooked cruciferous vegetables are really, really great for fertility. The dark leafy greens are mineral-rich and they really help to nourish your blood, nourish your uterine lining, nourish your eggs. Then cooked cruciferous vegetables, they really help your liver, and the liver is so important in regulating your fertility and hormone balance. So the cooked cruciferous vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, cabbage, brussels sprouts, these are so wonderful for detoxifying your liver, which is also really important for hormonal balance, like getting rid of all the excess estrogen.

Estrogen dominance is such a huge issue when it comes to fertility, problems like endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, irregular cycles, breast cancers, ovarian cancers, fibroids, polyps and so on and so forth. So we really want our livers to metabolize the unhealthy estrogens that we get from the environment or from having taken fertility drugs or birth control and so on and so forth. They’re also in pesticides and all sorts of stuff, so.

So also eating nourishing, easily digestible foods like cooked soups and stews. Soups and stews, you can load them up with vegetables, whole greens, your protein, whether it’s organic beans, lentils and so forth or you organic grass fed lamb, organic community raised chicken, beef as well. Although I do really strongly recommend that you have grass fed beef that’s organic that you get from a local farm or ranch where you know how it’s raised, you know where it’s come from. Bison is another one, or even venison. So soups and stews, you can put potatoes in there and various vegetables, so nourishing and so great for you. It’s a really good way to exercise your digestion and build up those digestive muscles.

I really can’t stress enough how important it is to eat organic. Pesticides are just…they are hormone disruptors and there’s all sorts of yucky stuff in there that do not do any favors for your fertility and can get stuck in your system and just wreak havoc. So organic is the way to go. Also avoid soy, corn, dairy, sugar, gluten, coffee, alcohol. Sorry, hate to tell you, but these things really cause inflammation, they cause a lot of issues. This video is already getting quite long so I’ll save more for another day. Again, avoid soy, corn, dairy, gluten, coffee, alcohol, they’re all inflammatory triggers and inflammation is also one of the worst things for your fertility. So we want to avoid anything that’s going to cause inflammation. If you do have any autoimmune condition then I would recommend avoiding nightshades. So I would Google that, you can look at the AI diet, the anti-inflammatory diet or the autoimmune diet and read about nightshades, which nightshade, what nightshades are and recipes for avoiding them. So that’s if you know you have an inflammatory condition.

And watch out for those fad diets out there. There’s so many out there, again, that recommend that you do these fasts or recommend that you have celery juice all of the time. Celery juice may be good for somebody, but it’s not necessarily going to be good for everybody. A lot of these diets that are out there, there’s just so many, eating just meat and no vegetables and this and that and this and that. They’re not necessarily developed by real medical professionals that have experience helping a lot of different people and they’re just not based in the same kind of medical science and time tested system like the Chinese medicine based recommendations are. So just please watch out for those.

I recommend focusing on healing your gut. If you download my free fertility supplement guide, you can go to heidibrockmyre.com/supplements and I have a free fertility supplement guide there and I do recommend a supplement for healing your gut. It’s really important. Most of us have some degree of leaky gut, which means that there’s basically holes in our digestive tract and a lot of undigested food particles can get through and then our body sees that as a foreign substance in the end and attacks that, which…that immune response to attacking those undigested food particles can cause system-wide inflammation. Not only that, when we have these holes and leaky areas in our digestive tract then we’re not absorbing nutrition fully. So by doing a gut healing protocol, again, I don’t recommend doing the celery juice thing every day. I think that’s one of the fads that’s out there, but I do recommend this particular medical food to heal your gut. I’ve had so many clients who have had really good results with that. So, again, you can go to my website, the supplements page at heidibrockmyre.com to get my free fertility supplement guide.

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