B&R Challenge – Day 1



Heidi Brockmyre, L.Ac. Presents:

Balance & Restore 7-Day Challenge – Day 1

Introduction: Open Your Heart

Bonus Affirmation:

It is safe for me to open my heart.


Bonus Nutrition Tip:

Eat steamed or sauteed broccoli, a heart-nourishing fertility power food.


Use this point if you experience:

insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, anxiety, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, heart palpitations, racing heart, lack of joy, dull complexion, asthma, allergies, or any symptoms from the heart imbalance category on the Weekly Symptom Tracker

Instructional: Open Your Heart


– Do each point the length of the video – about 1 minute each.

– You can massage the points as often as you’d like throughout the day. I recommend 1-3x/day.

– You can use any finger to massage the points. Use whatever finger is most comfortable for you.

– Feeling tenderness at the points is normal. That is the body working out blockages and is usually a sign that point needs attention.

– It’s normal to have an emotional release after doing the acupressure. This is healthy and normal. Better out than in!

– It’s also normal to not feel a physical or emotional reaction after doing the acupressure. It is still taking effect.

– These points are good for men, too. Feel free to invite your male partner to join.

– Sometimes one side will be more tender than the other. It’s common for one side of the body to have more blockage than the other.

– You can combine the points with one another. Trust your intuition and begin to see what feels right. You can do all 7 points together by the end of the program, or you can mix and match the ones you feel you need to focus on that day.

– It’s normal to feel tenderness in the points for up to 24 hours after doing the acupressure. The points continue to stay activated.

– Do not press so hard that you give yourself a bruise.