The power of holistic fertility support for getting pregnant

Why FAM works and what you get in the program

The fertility challenges addressed by FAM

This is your special invite to join Fertility Activation Method™.

With FAM™ You Will:

⭐ Get pregnant naturally and easily in the comfort of your home (despite your age or fertility challenges)
⭐ Immediately feel the healing effect as the acupressure works in real time
⭐ Help your body to reset and recover from the effects of failed fertility treatment
⭐ Improve your overall health (sleep, digestion, energy, mood, immune, pain relief)
⭐ Take an active role in getting pregnant faster
⭐ Understand the mind/body/fertility connection from an Eastern medicine perspective
⭐ Learn daily lifestyle habits for long-term health and fertility benefits
⭐ Learn how to improve your partner’s fertility to get pregnant faster
⭐ Prepare for a lasting healthy pregnancy and birth
⭐ Get lifetime access to conceive multiple babies over the years with one program
⭐ Save money by avoiding more appointments and expensive treatments
⭐ Get live support from fertility experts and the FAM™ community

What You Get in the FAM™ Program

Essential Accupressure Treatments

4x cyclical protocols to activate your fertility during each phase of your cycle.
Includes easy how-to demo videos and fertility tracking system.

These supportive programs to make the acupressure work faster:

Holistic Fertility Support:

♥ Body Module: Dietary and nutritional guidance with a fertility-enhancing meal plan and exercises.
♥ Mind Module: Guided fertility meditation tracks and stress-relief acupressure to manage your stress levels.

Community Support:

♥ FAM™ Community Facebook group access
♥ Weekly live video coaching calls

Bonus Acupressure Protocols:

♥ Egg quality, hormone balance and cervical mucus acupressure protocols
♥ Digestive, sleep and immune wellness acupressure protocols
♥ IVF retrieval and transfer support acupressure protocols
♥ Male fertility acupressure protocol
♥ Early pregnancy acupressure protocol to help your baby stick!