With FAM™ You Will:

⭐ Get pregnant naturally and easily in the comfort of your home (despite your age or fertility challenges)
⭐ Immediately feel the healing effect as the acupressure works in real time
⭐ Help your body to reset and recover from the effects of failed fertility treatment
⭐ Improve your overall health (sleep, digestion, energy, mood, immune, pain relief)
⭐ Take an active role in getting pregnant faster
⭐ Understand the mind/body/fertility connection from an Eastern medicine perspective
⭐ Learn daily lifestyle habits for long-term health and fertility benefits
⭐ Learn how to improve your partner’s fertility to get pregnant faster
⭐ Prepare for a lasting healthy pregnancy and birth
⭐ Get lifetime access to conceive multiple babies over the years with one program
⭐ Save money by avoiding more appointments and expensive treatments
⭐ Get live support from fertility experts and the FAM™ community

What You Get in the FAM™ Program

Essential Accupressure Treatments

4x cyclical protocols to activate your fertility during each phase of your cycle.
Includes easy how-to demo videos and fertility tracking system.

These supportive programs to make the acupressure work faster:

Holistic Fertility Support:

♥ Body Module: Dietary and nutritional guidance with a fertility-enhancing meal plan and exercises.
♥ Mind Module: Guided fertility meditation tracks and stress-relief acupressure to manage your stress levels.

Community Support:

♥ FAM™ Community Facebook group access
♥ Weekly live video coaching calls

Bonus Acupressure Protocols:

♥ Egg quality, hormone balance and cervical mucus acupressure protocols
♥ Digestive, sleep and immune wellness acupressure protocols
♥ IVF retrieval and transfer support acupressure protocols
♥ Male fertility acupressure protocol
♥ Early pregnancy acupressure protocol to help your baby stick!