clinic beliefs


Traditional Chinese Medicine plays a vital part in awakening the body’s ability to maintain a fertile environment for both men and women.  


 As a healing practitioner there is no greater joy to me than playing a role in the creation of life.


Underpinning the work I do through my online program, Fertility Activation Method™, are three core beliefs:

#1 Life and health struggles, including fertility struggles, are an indication that something isn’t working for you in your life. Resolving this takes a holistic approach, and offers the opportunity to experience more happiness and well-being than ever before.


#2 To tap in that happiness and well-being we need to look beyond conventional medicine and make use of the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, Shamanism and other holistic approaches.


#3 What you do everyday in your own home, is far more powerful than what happens during a short clinic visit. While we have hundreds of testimonials supporting the effectiveness of our acupuncture treatments at our clinic, we believe that the best results come when women are empowered with the knowledge and techniques they need to make ancient medicine a part of their daily life.


That’s why it’s my life’s work to share everything I know with you so you can have the healthy, thriving family–and life–that you’ve always wanted.


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