Distant Consults


Personalized 1:1 Expert Fertility Consults


Are you feeling overwhelmed by so much conflicting information telling you which supplements, foods and herbs will finally help you get pregnant?


Are you willing to do whatever it takes to prepare for a healthy conception, if you only knew exactly which supplements, herbs and foods were right for you?


Do you wonder if you need more diagnostic tests even though your doctor says it’s not necessary?


The truth is nutritional supplements, Chinese herbal medicine and personalized dietary and lifestyle changes can help you get pregnant. 


But one size does not fit all. What works for one woman may not work for you. In fact, it could potentially do you more harm than good. 

That’s why my highly qualified team offers one-on-one personalized consultation so that you can feel confident that the supplements, foods and herbs you’re taking and the money you’re spending are right for you.


We’ll make sure your efforts are leading you to a healthy lasting pregnancy.


Get the support you Need:


Sandra McKay, M.S., L.Ac.

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Fertility Supplement Consultant

Sandra has over a decade of experience treating infertility with acupuncture, supplements, dietary guidance and Chinese herbal medicine. 

60-Minute Consultation with Sandra includes:

  • In-depth case review via phone or video chat (Zoom) which includes lifestyle, symptom and dietary analysis
  • Suggestions for additional testing and review of current medical labs (i.e. vitamin D, iron, thyroid, MTHFR, gut, liver and adrenal health)
  • Chinese Herbal Recommendations*
  • Fertility Supplement Recommendations*

*Does not include cost of herbs and/or supplements.

Working with Sandra was what finally gave me relief from my endometriosis.
— Sarah M, San Diego
After 3 pregnancy losses, low AMH, a low egg count, and an ovarian cyst, I was told my chances at IVF success were poor. But Sandra immediately put at ease after doing a complete history of my journey. I felt a huge weight lifted off me even after my first session with her.

The doctors couldn’t proceed with IVF until the cyst was gone. With Sandra’s care and expertise the cyst went away within a matter of weeks.

Sandra gave me and my husband herbal and dietary recommendations during our IVF journey. Everyone, including my high-risk doctors, were astonished at our success with conception and a healthy full-term pregnancy!

Sandra was instrumental to bringing forth the life of our beautiful baby boy and I am forever grateful.

— Maria, Chaplain


Within only one or two sessions my cycle was almost back to normal. I believe the Chinese herbs and supplements prepared my body. The helpful information and guidance from Sandra gave me confidence. I am thrilled to say that within three months I was able to conceive.
— Lindsey L., San Diego
Sandra’s advice with herbs, diet and exercise for creating a suitable environment to house a baby made all the difference. I always felt comfortable in her hands.

She has successfully guided me through my first pregnancy and is now on the journey with me through number 2. It has been nothing but a pleasure to be her client.

— Andea K., San Diego