Does it Hurt


Does It Hurt?

Most patients don’t feel the needles go in. They are tiny, hair-thin needles that penetrate just the surface are rarely inserted more than a couple millimeters. I prefer to call them antennas because that’s a more accurate description of what they do. Plus the word “needle” triggers fear in many people.

Oddly enough, acupuncture is deeply relaxing. I know being poked with needles sounds like a form of torture, but it induces a unique relaxation experience unlike any other. The feeling of relaxation and wellbeing can last for hours. A feeling of reduced anxiety and stress and improved sleep often lasts for days.

The needles are sterile and used only once and then disposed of in a Sharps container. Nothing goes into the needles or comes out of them.

We never insert needles into your ‘private areas’ – no matter what health condition you are seeking help for (Men seeking fertility treatment often fear this possibility and need to be reassured that this is not the case.)



Getting started

Your first appointment takes 1 1/2 – 2 hours and includes the your health history review, the acupuncture treatment, lifestyle/dietary/supplement and herbal recommendations is $199. (The cost of herbs, if appropriate for your case, is not included). 

*If you and your partner make an appointment for an initial consultation, we charge only $299 altogether for both initial consultations (a savings of $99).

Follow up treatments take about 1 hour and are $85 or you can buy a pre-paid package of 8 treatments which makes them $75 each. You can pay in 1 installment of $600 or two installments of $300. *Packages may be shared between couples.

Insurance Info:

Heidi Brockmyre, L.Ac. is not an in-network provider. However, if you have out-of-network acupuncture coverage, payment at the time of service is required, but we provide you with a special insurance receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement according to your benefits.


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“While Heidi’s acupuncture services are based in Eastern philosophies, she certainly does not discount the Western approach to infertility, and was extremely helpful in providing resources, recommendations, and pre and post-IVF treatments.”

– Elizabeth B.

Thankfully, after one IVF treatment in combination with acupuncture my husband and I are now expecting twin boys. I have continued to see Sandra throughout my pregnancy and truly believe it’s the only place I can go to find peace and relaxation to calm my mind.

— Barbara A.