EFT Challenge – Day 2



Heidi Brockmyre, L.Ac. Presents:

“Mindful Fertility Tracking 5-Day Challenge” DAY 2


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Day 2 Video Transcript:

Welcome to Day 2 of the Mindful Fertility Tracking Program! Today you’ll focus on tracking your Digestive system. I said this in the last video, but it’s worth mentioning repeatedly – In Chinese medicine, when we refer to any organ system, like the digestive system, we do not literally mean those organs, but rather the digestive energetic system. So don’t worry – if your digestive system is out of balance from a Chinese medicine point of view, or any other organ system, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong with your organs from a western medical standpoint.  

So what does the digestive system do according to Chinese medicine? Well, it does exactly what you probably think it does – it digests the food your eat.  Your digestive system is like a pot over a fire. Your stomach is the pot that holds the food. The fire under the pot is the digestive energy that transforms the food into usable nutrients and builds hormones and healthy new blood cells to nourish your entire body, including your uterine lining and your eggs.  When the digestive system is weak, it steals energy from your reproductive system to support it, which can weaken the digestive system and lead to fertility problems. When your digestive system is compromised, your fertility is directly affected. In fact, your digestive health is the foundation of your fertility and your body’s ability to carry a baby to term. So it’s very important to track the health of your digestive system using the Chinese medicine system.

The digestive system is affected by stress, eating unhealthy and difficult to digest foods and eating irregularly, like skipping breakfast and eating while stressed or rushed. Signs that your digestive system may be out of balance include mental and emotional symptoms like over-thinking and obsessive thinking, worrying, studying or working too hard using mental energy and a tendency towards people-pleasing. Physical symptoms can include digestive disturbances, like gassiness, loose stools, constipation, sugar cravings, pale lips, fatigue, muscle weakness, a tendency towards miscarriage, spotting before your period, excessive heavy menstrual bleeding or very light periods, bruising easily and phlegm congestion.

I go into more detail about how the digestive system affects your fertility and how you can track the health of all your organ systems in my e-course, Empowered Fertility Tracking. But this short lesson is a great place to start tracking the health of your digestive system and how it affects your fertility.

To make the most of this lesson, refer to day 2 on the Mindful Fertility Challenge Daily Tracker. Make note of the digestive system imbalances that you experience. Try following the suggestions from the Daily Tracker to nurture your digestive system today and make note of any changes you notice after applying awareness and taking empowered action. Soon enough you will begin to see the benefits of practicing mindful fertility tracking! And the longer and more consistently you continue to mindfully track your fertility, the more your fertility and overall health will improve!