Emily Case Study

Case Study:

Emily’s pregnant using the Fertility Activation Method™ after 3 failed IVF cycles, low egg quality and her doctor saying “it’s time to use an egg donor”.


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Emily came to me when her doctor had just recommended using an egg donor.

At 38 years old, she had tried it all before…

… tried naturally for years

…3 failed IVF cycles

She also had poor quality eggs that would never make it to the fertilized transfer.

She felt mentally crushed and financially drained when her doctor told her to use an egg donor.

She just wasn’t ready for that step but didn’t know what else she could do.

Uncertain, like her body was failing her and she couldn’t believe in it anymore.

Long story short… within a few months she was pregnant with the Fertility Activation Method™

🎉 Naturally pregnant (38 weeks)

🎉 Followed the program for 3 months

🎉 Got 3 fertilized eggs

🎉 4th IVF was a success

Now Emily will soon enjoy being a mom.

She saved thousands of dollars by not having to use an egg donor.

And she has a proven system to use when she’s ready to conceive her next child.

This is your special invite to join Fertility Activation Method™.

Transcription of Emily’s Video:

“My name is Emily. I’m 38 years old, um, couple of weeks ago. And I can address how the program, because I was researching ways to improve my egg quality after we failed IVF election rounds. Um, we never had a problem getting eggs, but they never got to the kind of fertilized transfer stage. So I think after about six week they said that we should, the next round, we should actually go for an egg donor and they told me they did not want to try again with our own eggs. And I was hoping that this there was another way. And so I started researching online and came across Heidi’s program. Um, it just made a lot of sense and kind of going on instinct philosophy not just Western medicine and to try and improve my own egg quality before going down the donor route. And yeah, followed the program just over three months. I mean, we went in for our fourth IVF collection round and from the 17 eggs we got that round we got that round, 3 of them actually matured, fertilized and became viable blastocysts for transfer. So that was, quite amazing! So umm, essentially, yeah. I just wanted an alternative to just believing that there was nothing I could do to naturally improve egg quality myself and it worked, which is fantastic.

And when found out we were pregnant, it was kind of surreal, surreal in the first instance to find out that we had viable eggs that were frozen. And then once the first one was transferred and it took and then we got the call that we were pregnant, we were just in shock and kind of disbelief because according to everyone, we shouldn’t even have bothered with that round of IVF, essentially. So it was an amazing surprise and just the absolute blessing that extremely grateful for even to this day. Now I’m eight months, pregnant, still feels a bit surreal. Um, I found the program really easy to follow. Um, I did the protocols, the acupressure protocols every day, twice a day, and did the exercises when I could fit them in the week. I really enjoyed the exercises. I wish I had done a few more of them. Um, but, um, the whole fantastic program, highly recommend it. It’s a massive success story. Um, and yeah, just extremely, extremely grateful to the whole team for helping us realize our dream with her own sperm and our eggs and here we are today. So yeah, good luck! Way to go! Stick with it! Awesome.”


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