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Understand your Fertility and Track Your Cycle for Pregnancy Success

Whether you’re trying naturally or with assisted conception!


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The key to conceiving begins with tracking your cycle. That includes understanding what your cycle needs ON A DAILY BASIS to be more fertile.


Trying to conceive can be a frustrating process. Especially when you’re not sure what you need to do differently in order to get pregnant.

Instead of wondering cycle after cycle if you’re getting any closer to achieving pregnancy, now is the time to listen to your body and know what it needs to be more fertile.

You can learn how to track your cycle so you can get pregnant faster. You may already be tracking ovulation, which is important, but that’s just one piece of the fertility puzzle. Tracking your health symptoms, your emotions and your cycle alerts you to imbalances that may be preventing you from getting pregnant. By tracking and understanding these imbalances, you’re empowered to support your fertility and get pregnant sooner.


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I’m Heidi Brockmyre, M.S., L.AC. (Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and licensed acupuncturist), fertility coach, acupuncturist and speaker.

I’ve hosted online fertility conferences with best-selling fertility expert authors and world-renowned clinicians. I’ve also been a featured guest in several online fertility conferences, and written for HuffPost, FertilityPlanit, the Infertility Voice, and many more.

I know there is nothing more powerful than having the tools you need to take control of your health.

I love teaching my clients the wisdom of Chinese medicine so that they can understand their health and use tools at home to improve their fertility success and pregnancy outcomes, and now I want to share my expertise with you.

Over the last 11 years, I’ve helped countless women grow their families.

I’ve found that my fertility clients who understand how to track their cycles using the wisdom of Chinese medicine not only get pregnant faster, but also feel a renewed sense of hope and a deeper trust in their bodies’ ability to conceive while they’re trying.

We didn’t grow up understanding how our reproductive system works beyond the basics. Most doctors, even gynecologists and reproductive endocrinologists, don’t know the ins and outs of a healthy fertile cycle. They rarely, if ever, know how to read the signs of a woman’s cycle and her overall health in order to restore her fertility. 


When it comes to fertility, the conventional medicine approach is to mask the symptoms and force your body to produce the desired outcome – pregnancy. 


Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it even makes things worse.


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Chinese medicine prioritizes bringing not just your fertility into balance but your whole health into balance. It’s not about getting pregnant in spite of your health issues. The goal is to balance the health of your entire body in order to support your fertility.

The beauty of Chinese medicine is that you don’t have to be a licensed acupuncturist to learn and apply its principles. That’s why I love teaching the basics of Chinese medicine to you and thousands of women and couples around the world. It’s incredibly empowering to understand your health and fertility through a Chinese medicine perspective. And with that wisdom, know how to bring your health back into balance and to maintain that balance and harmony. 



I’ve developed the Empowered Fertility Tracking course to teach women all around the world how to listen to their bodies to track their fertility from a Chinese medicine perspective in a format that’s easy to access, understand and implement.

Empowered Fertility Tracking is an educational video course that will teach you how to understand what your body and cycle is telling you so you can track your fertility and bring it into balance.

The program includes tracking tool PDF’s to use with the educational videos so that you can celebrate your progress cycle after cycle knowing that you’re on your way to pregnancy success.


Empowered Fertility Tracking is right for you even if:

  • You’re trying to conceive naturally, or with IUI, IVF, or any assisted fertility treatment.
  • You’ve miscarried a previous pregnancy.
  • You’re 35 and older.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, or cysts.

Whatever path to conception you’re using, Empowered Fertility Tracking will teach you how to set yourself up for a successful and lasting pregnancy. The healthier you are before you get pregnant, the healthier your pregnancy and your baby will be.

“My cycle and BBT chart temps are more stable than last month! This is the first time I’ve gone past day 9 on my own! I owe that to you! I love using the BBT temps along with my clinic visits as it tends to put me at ease and give me the power of knowing what my body is doing.”
— Jennifer K, Toronto, Canada


The course includes 8 sequential videos:

VIDEO 1: Goals During Each of the 4 Phases of Your Cycle

VIDEO 2: Guidelines to a Healthy Cycle, Basal Body Temperature Charting and Assessing Your Cycle

VIDEO 3: Knowing Your Pattern: Common Infertility Patterns – Digestive Imbalances

VIDEO 4: Knowing Your Pattern: Common Infertility Patterns – Stuck Energy and Blood

VIDEO 5: Knowing Your Pattern: Common Infertility Patterns – Weak Kidney Energy + Poor Egg Quality/Reserve

VIDEO 6: How to Review Your Systems and Symptoms to Find Your Primary Pattern

VIDEO 7: Finding Effective Solutions

VIDEO 8: Using the Tracking Tools

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  • Liver Health for Improved Fertility
  • Acupressure For Improved Egg and Sperm Quality
  • 3-Part Fertility Wellness Video Series 


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Access to our exclusive & private Empowered Fertility Tracking Facebook group. Receive support from like-minded women while tracking your fertility.

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  • Egg Quality Boost Self-Acupressure Protocol
  • Quick Stress Relief Self-Acupressure Protocol 

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  • BBT chart with daily symptom tracker
  • 4-Phase Cycle Tracker
  • Your Chinese Medicine Pattern: Weekly Symptom Tracker
The Empowered Fertility Program was a great help to me as now I know what, when and how my lifestyle can influence my cycle. As a result my BBT charts and cycles have improved in a spectacular way. Today I am on day 25 and temperature was still high. Three months ago I had cycles of 21 days. I am 43 now and my last BBT chart looks nearly like those ones when I got pregnant for the first time at 37. I even ovulated later this time. It’s really amazing.
— Cristina – Paris, France


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“Thank you so, so much for everything the last year plus. I’ve learned so much about myself as a woman. Even more important, I’ve been able to really take charge of my health and fertility because of your care, guidance and empathy. Thanks to you, I have a healthy son now. You are such a rockstar!”
— Jenny W, Spain



The course is designed for you to watch each video in sequence and learn how to track your cycle. You’ll have lifetime access to the course so you can watch them as many times as you’d like. 


Empowered Fertility Tracking can help you:

  • Learn what health imbalances may be impairing your fertility
  • Understand how to better support your body and fertility
  • Track your cycle using Basal Body Temperature charts (BBT)
  • Determine which solutions you need to implement to get pregnant sooner
  • Feel confident that you’re on the path to conceiving so you can stay consistent with your efforts
  • Understand the connection between your emotions, thoughts, and physical symptoms and how to bring them into balance to support your fertility


Being able to monitor your progress is encouraging in those tough moments like when you get your period and wonder if it will ever happen for you.

Understanding your health, your cycle and being able to track it gives you knowledge and perspective so you can see the forest from the trees and know that you are on the road to success.

A healthy pregnancy is just a matter of time. 

Struggling to conceive is not a path I’d wish on anybody, but that doesn’t mean it can’t go without its gifts. It led you to this course from which you’ll develop a deeper understanding of your fertility and health, which is incredibly empowering and will continue to benefit you and your family for the rest of your lives.

And that’s what I want to give you with through the Empowered Fertility Tracking course.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can you guarantee I’ll get pregnant?

I wish. Nothing would make me happier.
However, I CAN guarantee you’ll be gaining important knowledge to significantly improve your chances of success. I’ve see them work for so many of my patients. 

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

I offer a 7-day money back guarantee.
I want to make this as easy as possible for you to say YES to taking control of your pregnancy health with Empowered Fertility Tracking™.

I am so confident that this course will empower you with the knowledge you need and give you peace of mind, that I am going to offer you a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee.  If after 7 days you feel that the course wasn’t helpful, we will refund your investment, no questions asked.

How long is the course?

The course is self-paced. You can go through it as quickly or slowly as you’d like. In total, the total amount of time to watch all the videos is about 4 hours. 

Can the videos be downloaded to my phone, tablet or computer?

Yes, after the 7-day refund period is over, you will be sent the link to access the video download page.

I’m already doing so much, do I have time for this?

Once you know how to track your cycle, it will become second-nature to you. The course itself doesn’t take much time to complete at all. The invaluable information you’ll learn from the course will benefit you cycle and cycle, as well as when you’d like to try for baby #2, #3, #4 and so on. In fact, this information will benefit you for the rest of your life as you learn how to maintain a healthy balance.

When can I start the course?

You can start the course immediately after making your payment.

What happens after I’ve made my payment?

As soon as you’ve submitted your payment, you’ll get instant access to the entire course. But don’t worry. You won’t be overwhelmed with the wealth of information inside Empowered Fertility Tracking, because you’ll be walked through it one step at a time. From the payment screen you’ll be redirected to the membership site, where you will register and log in for the first time. The welcome page includes a video and next steps to show you exactly how to get started and make the most of the course content from the start.

Your investment:




“I began to look into Heidi’s programs to take more control over my situation on a day to day basis. I loved that Heidi’s program was organized around different phases of the cycle for relaxation, diet and support for the body & mind. Heidi was always there to answer questions. I used the exercises and the pregnancy acupressure protocol throughout my pregnancy. I would recommend Heidi’s program to anyone – especially if you feel like you need added support and a sense of control. The program gave me confidence…”
— Miriam H., Vancouver, BC