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Leah Wyar, of People and Entertainment Magazine, got pregnant naturally at 41 with secondary infertility after her 3 failed IVFs and a miscarriage. She said “When you’re raised with western medicine, you don’t know what your body is truly capable of. This method opened up a portal and I could feel it igniting a power within me! I can’t believe the shift I felt in my body! It was so different from my medical experience.”

At 30, Daniela, diagnosed with Unexplained Fertility, and her husband, despite perfect test results, faced five failed IUI cycles over three years. Turning to the Fertility Activation Method (FAM) after a break from conventional treatments, they conceived within nine months following one more IUI cycle. FAM enhanced their health and wellness significantly. Daniela was drawn to FAM by success stories, testimonials, and informative webinars, noticing improvements in her cycle and AMH levels within three months thanks to daily acupressure, dietary guidance, and a supportive community. Overwhelmed but gratified after years of effort, they continue with acupressure, diet guidelines, and meditations, cherishing each step towards parenthood.

Kernjeet decided to join the Fertility Activation Method (FAM) at 43 years old when she noticed she had an irregular cycle and was told she had low ovarian reserve. She got pregnant just 1 month after she started using it. She shares, “I think the FAM program is stellar beyond anything I can express in words because it offers so much stability and understanding of our bodies and how we can do it ourselves.

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Jennifer didn’t have a cycle for almost 2 years. Nothing her doctor did make a difference. She was diagnosed with amenorrhea, low AMH, MTHFR mutation and hormone balance issues. She joined FAM™, got her period back and fell pregnant within just a few months of using that it surprised her doctor so much, they thought her lab results were lab errors.

Margaret was TTC for 5 years with unexplained infertility, stomach issues, low AMH, 2 failed IVF cycles and failed IUIs. She got pregnant within 5 months of using FAM™.

Sheila had fibroids, wasn’t ovulating, had a short luteal phase, ovarian cysts, MTHFR mutation, migraines, and irregular periods. She got pregnant within 3 months of using FAM™.

Candice had given up having a child at age 44, but decided to give it one last shot after learning more about Heidi’s FAM™ program.

At 38 years old and 3 failed IVF cycles, Emily was told that she would only be able to get pregnant with an egg donor. She was feeling so discouraged so she thought she would give the FAM™ program a try. She became pregnant with the program after 3 months.

After TTC for four years and being told by doctors that her eggs were too old, Gessica thought her only option was to use an egg donor. She joined FAM™ and immediately began following all of the protocols and recommendations. Now, she is pregnant naturally at 44 years old and over the moon excited to meet her baby soon!

At 40 years old, Elizabeth had 2 miscarriages at 5 weeks. She was diagnosed with Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR) and had an AMH level of just 0.19. She joined FAM™ after 11 months of trying, and immediately noticed an improvement in her digestive health. Just 10 weeks after joining FAM™, she became pregnant naturally. She is now 18 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby, and looking forward to meeting her new baby! 

Nair was TTC for 5 years while experiencing unexplained infertility. She finally had a successful IVF which gave her a sweet baby and four more frozen embryos. A year after her baby was born, she decided to use two of the embryos, but unfortunately, both failed. That’s when she shifted to TTC naturally and eventually found FAM™. She became pregnant within just 6 weeks of joining! 

Sandra joined FAM™ at 39 years old after experiencing several fertility issues — DOR, low AMH, irregular cycles, perimenopause, miscarriage, and unsuccessful IUI. She was finally able to harvest two eggs through IVF, but has frozen them both because she is now pregnant naturally thanks to FAM™!

Abi joined FAM™ at 38 years old after TTC for a couple of years. She had been diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and had just begun her first cycle of IVF when beginning the program. She felt empowered by the ability to take control of her fertility with the protocols inside FAM™. Now she is pregnant and can’t wait to welcome her baby soon!

Madeleine was diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager and only ever experienced heavy, irregular cycles. She was able to conceive her first son naturally, but after he was born, her periods never returned. At 32 years old, she joined FAM™ when she was struggling to become pregnant again to help naturally balance her fertility. Now she is pregnant and once again feels empowered by her body!

Emma, struggling with secondary infertility for 1.5 years due to stress and health issues from a parasite, preferred natural methods over fertility treatments. Upon her mother’s recommendation, she joined the Fertility Activation Method (FAM™). She experienced immediate benefits, including “swirls of energy,” increased vitality, regulated menstrual cycles, improved digestion, and enhanced emotional well-being. Remarkably, within less than a month of using FAM™, Emma became pregnant naturally.

Marie has been TTC for 2.5 years and was diagnosed with unexplained infertility and endometriosis. After three failed IUIs and feeling desperate, she found FAM™. The program worked very quickly on her menstrual cycle and improved her digestion. Marie got pregnant naturally just on the third month in the program and is now 7 months along waiting for their first born.

Holly is almost 37 years old and has been TTC for her second child for 5 months while experiencing thyroid and hormonal issues. That’s when she shifted to TTC naturally and found FAM™. She was skeptical to start the program at first considering she has a functional medicine background! But, she learned so much about acupressure and acupoints. Her cycle became less painful, less brain fog, more clarity and better digestion. Overall, she felt more balanced. She became pregnant within just ONE month of using FAM!

Samantha is almost 37 years old and was TTC for 3 years! She had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and could not get pregnant. During that time, she did fertility treatments, 2 IUIs and 2 full rounds of IVF. She was mentally fatigued! She decided to join FAM™ because she really wanted to get pregnant and try a newer, more natural approach! Within 3 months of starting the program, she went through another round of IVF and was able to get double the amount of eggs and 3 healthy embryos! She just gave birth to twins! 

Lucy is 38 years old, and has had 2 miscarriages and a history of hemorrhaging. She found FAM and wanted to balance her cycle and fertility and improve her overall health. She said it was amazing and the “best feeling in the world” to become pregnant again. She has been following the early pregnancy protocols and they have helped her peace of mind in the early days. 

Melissa is 42 years old and was diagnosed with low AMH due to age. She joined because she wanted to try to get pregnant naturally after 3 failed IVF attempts. She liked the control she felt over her body and enjoyed the acupressure points, meditations, moxa pack, and abdominal massage. After 6 months she became pregnant naturally – she’s 8.5 weeks and her ultrasound looked great! She didn’t even think it was possible to become pregnant at almost 43 years old, and she’s so grateful for the program.

Rebekah is 45 years old and was diagnosed with low progesterone levels. She had a 2nd trimester loss at age 40, and has experienced unexplained fertility since then. She joined FAM and has been using the program regularly for the past year. The biggest changes she noticed was that her cycle regulated and her BBT has seen a big increase during ovulation. She found out she was pregnant and could not believe it! She feels so blessed to be 45 and pregnant thanks to FAM and Heidi.

At 35, Alicia was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve, with low AMH, SFH, and AFC levels. Advised to use donor eggs for IVF, she instead chose embryo banking, yielding three embryos over 18 months. Seeking a more active role in her treatment, Alicia discovered the Fertility Activation Method (FAM) and incorporated it into her last retrieval cycle, successfully obtaining another embryo. Following FAM through the transfer phase and early pregnancy, she is now over 11 weeks pregnant, with everything progressing well. Alicia finds the experience surreal, having been told she couldn’t conceive naturally. FAM empowered her, allowing her body to demonstrate its capabilities in her fertility journey.

In 2020, at 40, Cari experienced a miscarriage in her first pregnancy and subsequent unsuccessful attempts to conceive. Diagnosed with blocked tubes, a low egg count of poor quality, and fibrosis, her chances of pregnancy were deemed minimal, leading her to reject the recommended medical interventions. Discovering the all-natural Fertility Activation Method (FAM) in 2021, Cari embraced its protocols, though she briefly paused the program due to difficult periods and strong PMS symptoms. At 43, in January 2023, Cari recommitted to FAM with new health goals, resulting in a pregnancy by March. An April ultrasound confirmed a healthy, growing “miracle baby.”

Katie, 42, endured a 9.5-year struggle with infertility and Stage 4 Endometriosis, undergoing multiple surgeries and fertility treatments like IUI, IVF, and egg freezing, all of which ended in failure. Despite her doctor’s advice to stop trying, Katie discovered the Fertility Activation Method (FAM). Inspired by success stories, she saw improvements in her menstrual cycle health and, after six months of FAM combined with IVF, she successfully became pregnant. Katie attributes her pregnancy to the health benefits of FAM on her eggs and cherishes the method for its natural, self-paced approach and supportive community. Her journey, marked by initial disbelief at her positive pregnancy test, has transformed into a series of joyous and exciting milestones.

At 31, she began using the Fertility Activation Method (FAM) before trying to conceive. As a single woman undergoing IUI, she initially felt alone and lost, but FAM brought her a sense of empowerment and control. Despite three failed IUI cycles and one IVF failure prior to FAM, her second IVF attempt post-FAM was successful. Yosi appreciated FAM for its meal planning, detox process, and easy-to-follow instructions rooted in Chinese medicine, along with the strong community support. Remarkably, her FSH and AMH levels improved within a year of starting FAM. The eventual positive pregnancy, after numerous challenges and failures, felt surreal and brought immense joy as she experienced the smooth progress and healthy development of her baby.

With FAM™ You Will:

⭐ Get pregnant naturally and easily in the comfort of your home (despite your age or fertility challenges)
⭐ Immediately feel the healing effect as the acupressure works in real time
⭐ Help your body to reset and recover from the effects of failed fertility treatment
⭐ Improve your overall health (sleep, digestion, energy, mood, immune, pain relief)
⭐ Take an active role in getting pregnant faster
⭐ Understand the mind/body/fertility connection from an Eastern medicine perspective
⭐ Learn daily lifestyle habits for long-term health and fertility benefits
⭐ Learn how to improve your partner’s fertility to get pregnant faster
⭐ Prepare for a lasting healthy pregnancy and birth
⭐ Get lifetime access to conceive multiple babies over the years with one program
⭐ Save money by avoiding more appointments and expensive treatments
⭐ Get live support from fertility experts and the FAM™ community

What You Get in the FAM™ Program

Essential Acupressure Treatments

4x cyclical protocols to activate your fertility during each phase of your cycle.
Includes easy how-to demo videos and fertility tracking system.

These supportive programs to make the acupressure work faster:

Holistic Fertility Support:

♥ Body Module: Dietary and nutritional guidance with a fertility-enhancing meal plan and exercises.
♥ Mind Module: Guided fertility meditation tracks and stress-relief acupressure to manage your stress levels.

Community Support:

♥ FAM™ Community Facebook group access
♥ Weekly live video coaching calls

Bonus Acupressure Protocols:

♥ Egg quality, hormone balance and cervical mucus acupressure protocols
♥ Digestive, sleep and immune wellness acupressure protocols
♥ IVF retrieval and transfer support acupressure protocols
♥ Male fertility acupressure protocol
♥ Early pregnancy acupressure protocol to help your baby stick!