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Sandra McKay –
Acupuncturist at my clinic in San Diego


Chinese Herbal Medicine Distant 1:1 Consultant

Hi, I’m Sandra McKay

M.S.,  L. Ac.    

I have been practicing acupuncture since 2005.

I was raised on a 20 acre farm in Northwest Washington with an organic garden, fresh eggs and local salmon. 

After graduating high school, I went to a local college to study art and anthropology, I then pursued a career in archaeology.  On one of my first paid excavations I injured my back and it continued to bother me for the next 7 years due to the nature of the work; digging, traveling, and lifting screens full of heavy dirt. Western doctors offered nothing other than anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers which only provided temporary relief.

One day, while at work, I read article about Otzi the 5,000 yr old man found frozen in the Swiss Alps who appeared to have tattoo marks on acupuncture points.  I started to read everything I could about acupuncture and went to an acupuncturist for my back pain. After two treatments I was pain free!


Acupuncture seemed like the perfect career change so I packed my bags and moved to San Diego to attend Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.  After being in practice for a few years I started to shift my attention to fertility. There is something incredibly rewarding about helping bring a child into a loving family.  Many of my original fertility clients have added to their family and continue to see me throughout the pregnancy and postpartum, I love being”part of the family”!

I am passionate about being part of a holistic solution and regularly attend acupuncture fertility seminars and trainings so I can help you get pregnant!