Margaret pregnant using the Fertility Activation Method™ after 2 failed IVF cycles, low AMH and her doctor saying “there’s no hope”.

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Margaret came to me when her doctor had just recommended using an egg donor.

At 36 years old, she had tried it all before…

… tried naturally for years

…3 failed IUI cycles

…2 failed IVF cycles

She also had low AMH and poor quality eggs.

She felt mentally crushed and financially drained when her doctor told her to use an egg donor.

She just wasn’t ready for that step but didn’t know what else she could do.

Uncertain, like her body was failing her and she couldn’t believe in it anymore.

Long story short… within a few months she was pregnant with the Fertility Activation Method™

🎉 Naturally pregnant (and gave birth to a healthy baby boy)

🎉 Improvements with her menstrual cycle in first month

🎉 Chronic stomach issues resolved

🎉 Detoxed from IVF medications

Now Margaret enjoys being a mom.

She saved thousands of dollars by not having to use an egg donor and go through another IVF cycle.

She spared her body from more fertility drugs.

And she has a proven system to use when she’s ready to conceive her next child.

This is your special invite to join Fertility Activation Method™.

Transcription of Margaret’s Video:

“ I just wanted to hop on here and share some good news. I am 19, almost 20 weeks pregnant. I had been going through infertility for five years. A series of IUIs, some IVF. We did two cycles of IVF treatments. And none of them were successful. So I felt really kind of just lost and felt like nothing was going to work. There was no diagnosis. I had low AMH, and I came across Heidi’s program.

Even I’ll say after the first couple of months… Actually the first month, I was already seeing a change in my cycle. It seemed a lot more fluid, for lack of a better term, and not clotty, which I thought that was a normal thing but I guess it wasn’t. And my stomach issues kind of resolved. I think I had a lot of build up toxins from the IVF treatments. And Heidi’s program, I could tell was really making a difference.

This program really turned my life around, and I’m so grateful to Heidi and the team. And I honestly wish more people knew about this program because it’s amazing. It’s not toxic to your body or anything like that. In fact, it gets rid of the toxins. And at the end of the day, got me pregnant.”