Molly Nichols Bonus Tracking Masterclass


Heidi Brockmyre, Fertility Acupuncturist and Specialist presents…

Tracking Your Cycle for Optimal Fertility
For Natural or Assisted Conception


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In this class, you’ll learn:

  • Guidelines of a healthy cycle 
  • Common cycle problems and what they mean 
  • Assessing your cycle and the support it needs during each phase to be fertile
  • Tracking progress so you know you’re on the path to pregnancy success
  • Solutions to improve your cycle and be ready for a lasting healthy pregnancy and baby




“I’m 16 weeks pregnant and everything is going great so far. I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks and heard the heartbeat. Yay! Measuring right at what I expected!”

Thank you so, so much for everything, Heidi! I’ve learned so much about myself as a woman. Even more important, I’ve been able to really take charge of my health and fertility because of your care, guidance and empathy. You are such a rockstar!” -JW, Spain