Fertility Over 40 2


FREE Interview Recording:

Optimizing Your Fertility Over 40 with Self-Acupressure

with Heidi Brockmyre, M.S., Acupuncturist, Fertility Specialist

In this interview, you will learn about:


  • Reversing or slowing the aging process with self-acupressure
  • Goals of self-acupressure to optimize fertility over 40
  • Self-Acupressure to support all of your fertility needs
  • How acupressure works and how it’s different than acupuncture.


I am 44 years old and I wanted to let you know that I had a healthy baby girl. Every month I had a period I would go back to your audio’s or videos to keep my mind positive. I really feel that your acupressure videos truly helped me become pregnant. Thank you!” 

Melissa Robledo Cortez, Salinas, CA