Postpartum Support




Once you’re holding your precious baby in your arms, you may forget to take care of yourself (we’ve all been there). But maintaining your well being is even more important now that your family has grown. Acupuncture can help you recover physically and emotionally from pregnancy and birth (whether you had a vaginal delivery or a C-section). We can also help improve your chances of breastfeeding successfully by using acupuncture to boost lactation.

Getting started:

Your first appointment takes 1 1/2 – 2 hours and includes the your health history review, the acupuncture treatment, lifestyle/dietary/supplement and herbal recommendations. The cost is $199. (The cost of herbs, if appropriate for your case, is not included).

*If you and your partner make an appointment for an initial consultation, we charge only $299 altogether for both initial consultations (a savings of $99). 

Follow up treatments take about 1 hour and are $85 or you can buy a pre-paid package of 8 treatments which makes them $75 each. You can pay in 1 installment of $600 or two installments of $300. Packages may be shared between couples.