Quickstart Fertility Bundle

quickstart fertility boost

The Quickstart Fertility Boost Bundle includes lifetime access to:

  • Liver Detox + Hormone Balancing Self-Acupressure Protocol
  • Emotional Wellness Workbook™ 
  • Digestive Support Plan for Conception with the Digestive Support Acupressure Protocol
  • Healthy Digestion in Pregnancy Plan with the Pregnancy Digestive Support Acupressure Protocol


You can get this bundle for only $227 (a savings of $60)


“The Emotional Wellness Workbook made me feel not only like I had more control over my life with the struggles of infertility, where I felt there was so little control.  It gave me a sense of accomplishment that I was doing something positive for my fertility, rather than focusing on the negative.  It really helps you focus on a positive path with your fertility.  It puts your mind in the right place, which is so important.  It’s so easy to go down the wrong path when you’re trying to conceive.” – Annemarie L., San Diego


Quickstart Fertility Boost Bundle

The Liver Detox + Hormone Balancing Self-Acupressure Protocol is an easy-to-follow instructional video that teaches you a self-acupressure sequence that relieves stress, supports the liver acu-meridian to balance hormones and regulate your cycle, thereby improving your fertility. Especially useful with a history of birth control use and/or irregular cycles.

The Emotional Wellness Workbook™ is a step-by-step guided emotional healing process to stay positive throughout your fertility journey. 90% of my clients who’ve completed this workbook go on to have success in growing their families. Heal stuck emotions that affect each organ system (and your fertilityas a result) according to Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory.

The Digestive Support Plan for Conception is the foundation of fertility and is absolutely crucial for improving fertility. A poorly functioning digestive system steals energy away from your reproductive system and can cause systemic inflammation – which is not good news for baby-making and your body won’t be assimilating all the nutrition from the food you eat. Includes a powerful acupressure technique to optimize the functioning of your digestive system. 

The Healthy Digestion in Pregnancy Plan gives you safe relief from common pregnancy digestive symptoms such as nausea, constipation and loss of appetite. My dietary guide will walk you through each trimester of your pregnancy and tell you what to eat and what to avoid during these times. At the same time, you’ll be using a powerful pregnancy-safe digestive support acupressure protocol to optimize the functioning of your digestive system.


You can get this bundle for only $227 (a savings of $60)

“After almost four years, many hours of soul searching, 1 failed IVF, failed transfers and a miscarriage I can finally say I am pregnant. 8 weeks two days and a strong heartbeat seen yesterday. 

“I am 36 and have low AMH levels and nearly two years ago was told using an egg donor was the greatest chance I had of becoming a mother. 
I used Heidi’s methods and saw a Chinese acupuncturist twice a week for 3 months before our last embryo transfer. This was our last embryo and I am not sure what our next step was going to be. Heidi’s methods gave me hope and the mental power I needed to get through the last few months. Thank you for sharing your knowledge Heidi and for being such an inspiration!” – Jane N.