Jennifer struggled with low AMH, MTHFR mutation, hormone imbalance, and amenorrhea for over two years. She joined FAM™ and her hormone tests began to improve almost immediately. Her doctors were so surprised, they thought her lab test improvements were lab errors! She continued using the program, got her period back, and fell pregnant naturally just a few months after that. 

Margaret was TTC for 5 years with low AMH, 2 failed IVF cycles and failed IUIs. She experienced many health improvements such as improved digestion and became pregnant within 5 months of using FAM™!

Sheila had fibroids, a short luteal phase, ovarian cysts, MTHFR mutation, and migraines. The FAM™ program helped her to start ovulating, and she got pregnant within just 3 months!

Candice had given up having a child at age 44, but decided to give it one last shot when she found the FAM™ program. She learned how to understand her cycle and how to improve her diet, and she became pregnant within 5 months!

Emily was 38 years old and had 3 failed IVF cycles before she found the FAM program. She was told that she would only be able to get pregnant with an egg donor, but with the FAM program, she was able to get pregnant using her own eggs!

Gessica was TTC for four years and was told her eggs were too old. She joined FAM™, followed all of the program recommendations, and became pregnant naturally at 44 years old!

Liz was 40 years old, had 2 miscarriages, had Diminished Ovarian Reserve (DOR) and had an AMH level of just 0.19. She joined FAM™ and immediately noticed an improvement in her digestive health. Just 10 weeks after joining FAM™, she became pregnant naturally. 

Nair had unexplained infertility for 5 years before she was able to get pregnant with IVF. She tried to get pregnant again using her frozen embryos, but unfortunately both failed. She then found the  FAM™ program and was able to become pregnant naturally within just 6 weeks!

Sandra joined FAM™ at 39 years old. She had DOR, low AMH, irregular cycles, and was perimenopausal. She also had a miscarriage, and an unsuccessful IUI. She was finally able to harvest two eggs through IVF, but didn’t need to use them because she became pregnant naturally using FAM™!

Abi was 38 years old and felt like she had tried everything to conceive. She was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis and was starting IVF. She joined the FAM™ program because she wanted to use a holistic approach to support the IVF process. Now she is pregnant and still using the FAM protocols to support a healthy pregnancy!

Madeleine was diagnosed with PCOS as a teenager and only ever experienced heavy, irregular cycles. After having her first child, her periods never returned.  She joined FAM™ at 32 years old, increased her uterine lining, and became pregnant naturally the first time she ovulated!


Emma had been experiencing secondary infertility for a year and a half as well as other mental and physical health challenges. She decided to join FAM™ because she preferred to take a more natural approach to improving her health and fertility. She felt immediate improvements after starting the program’s acupressure protocols and became pregnant in less than a month! FAM™ was the only change she had made so she knew this was the reason she was able to get pregnant!

Marie had been TTC for two and a half years. She was diagnosed with unexplained infertility and endometriosis. After three failed IUIs she found FAM™. Shortly after beginning the program, she experienced improvements in her menstrual cycle and digestion. Marie got pregnant naturally in less than three months of using the program!

Holly is almost 37 years old and has been TTC for her second child for 5 months while experiencing thyroid and hormonal issues. That’s when she shifted to TTC naturally and found FAM™. Her cycle became less painful, less brain fog, more clarity and better digestion. She became pregnant within just ONE month of using FAM!

Samantha is almost 37 years old and was TTC for 3 years! She had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and could not get pregnant. During that time, she did fertility treatments, 2 IUIs and 2 full rounds of IVF. She decided to join FAM™ because she really wanted to get pregnant with a  more natural approach! Within 3 months of starting the program, she went through another round of IVF and was able to get double the amount of eggs and 3 healthy embryos! She just gave birth to twins! 

Lucy is 38 years old, and has had 2 miscarriages and a history of hemorrhaging. She found FAM and wanted to balance her cycle and fertility, and improve her overall health. She said it was amazing and the “best feeling in the world” to become pregnant again. She knows that the acupressure, exercise, and supplements made a huge difference in getting pregnant naturally and says “it’s worth investing in yourself and your health first”. 

Melissa is 42 years old and was diagnosed with low AMH due to age. She joined because she wanted to try to get pregnant naturally after 3 failed IVF attempts. She liked the control she felt over her body and enjoyed the acupressure points, meditations, moxa pack, and abdominal massage. After 6 months she became pregnant naturally – she’s 8.5 weeks and her ultrasound looked great! She didn’t even think it was possible to become pregnant at almost 43 years old, and she’s so grateful for the program.