Self Acupressure

Instructions for the Intro Fertility Self-Acupressure

  • Stimulate each point around a minute–about the length shown in the video.
  • Press firmly but gently. You don’t need to build the pressure. Don’t push so hard you give yourself a bruise but enough to stimulate the point. It’s normal to feel a little tenderness and confirms that it is working and you are in the right place. Although it’s also normal to not feel tenderness.
  • You can do it as many times as you like throughout the day. The intro sequence is safe and balancing so no worries overdoing it.
  • These points are designed to be done in sequence and will be most effective that way. That said, doing them out of sequence won’t cause any harm and can still be effective. But they’re best done in this order. 
  • You can do them on both sides of your body. That will provide additional stimulation. But it isn’t necessary. You can simply follow the sequence provided in the video. 
  • Men can do this sequence for their fertility as well. They should start on the left side of the body however. Women should always start on the right side of the body.