For women struggling to conceive…

My 4-Step
Fertility Reset Plan

My proven baby-making strategy that works

Thursday, June 16th at 10am PST.


For women
struggling to conceive…

My 4-Step
Fertility Reset Plan

My proven baby-making strategy that works

Thursday, June 16th at 10am PST.

Discover My #1 Secret to Getting Pregnant NOW

...without ivf or drugs

Renew your faith in your ability to conceive and take back control of your body & life today!

Learn my 4-step method for getting pregnant easier, faster, healthier, and more affordably than ever by learning

How to heal “bad
eggs” or “old eggs”

If you’ve been told that you don’t have enough eggs left, you’re too old, or your eggs are bad – I’m going to show you what specific step will help you address & heal any fertility blockage.

How to achieve natural conception

If you’ve been TTC for 6-12 months without success or have been told that your next step (or only option) is IUI or IVF or other fertility treatments, I’m here to show you how to heal any imbalances preventing fertility.

How to address the root cause of fertility frustrations

Many fertility treatments are offered as a bandaid to symptoms instead of diving in to understand the root cause. I’ll show you how to use holistic methods to heal the root and achieve the healthy pregnancy you’ve been yearning for

“Thanks to Heidi’s method, I finally conceived naturally at 39 after 4 years, 3 failed IVF’s and a dianosis of Stage 4 Endometriosis and Diminished Ovarian Reserve!”

- Erin M., Florida

About the Speaker

I’ve helped hundreds, if not thousands, of women all over the world finally conceive their healthy babies using my signature holistic method.

As a graduate of one of the top accredited schools in the country for Chinese medicine, with a Master’s of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I’m a California state board licensed practitioner of Chinese medicine with 10 years of clinical experience as a fertility specialist and medical professional. I’ve been mentored by 2 master fertility acupuncturists.

I’ve completed hundreds of hours of continuing education units with a focus on fertility. I’ve shadowed for several hours 2 of the busiest reproductive endocrinologists here in San Diego in their clinic, one specializing in a minimal stim IVF technique, the other practicing a more conventional approach. I’ve been training my whole career to show you how to reset your own fertility and get pregnant naturally.

Ready to Learn How?

Hear From Others Just Like You...


I’m pregnant at 43 years old all because of Heidi’s advice!

“After trying for my second child for about 1 year, I had a miscarriage.

Then I worked with other health professionals for a couple years and resolved but it wasn’t until I followed Heidi’s Fertility Activation Method that I finally saw my BBT charts improve.

I also used followed her protocol from her Free Fertility Supplement Guide (and I’m a Registered Dietitian). I felt things were changing and then – Voila! Pregnant!

I’m so excited to now use Heidi’s Total Pregnancy Wellness program. I’m already seeing improvement in the quality of my sleep since starting.”

- Denise M.


You have more power over your own pregnancy than you realize.

There are safe, effective methods you haven’t tried yet to take responsibility for health and state of your body.

Jan was 34 years old when she came to me diagnosed with PCOS and a history of miscarriage. She wasn’t ovulating regularly and had an irregular cycle. Her next step would’ve been fertility treatments, including taking fertility medications that may have caused more hormonal imbalances

Instead she decided she wanted to get healthy first and prepare her body for pregnancy. Using my method, she started tracking her cycle and restoring her fertility. She balanced her hormones, reduced stress, improved her digestion and saw significant signs of improvement with her cycle. She even started to ovulate regularly.

After 6 months, she got pregnant naturally and had a healthy baby girl. Think of not only how much money she saved money by avoiding IVF, but also the stress she was spared! Not only that, but fertility treatment can be dangerous for women with PCOS and the fertility drugs can worsen hormonal imbalances.


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