Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!


Follow these simple steps & get pregnant the easier, healthier & more affordable way!

"How do I keep my eggs healthy?"

Obviously, you want to keep your eggs healthy before they ovulate because healthy eggs lead to a healthy pregnancy and a viable pregnancy.

Assuming that the sperm is also healthy that fertilizes your eggs.

But obviously having healthy eggs is a really, really important part of the equation.

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I’m going to start by talking about the journey of your eggs. You’re born with your egg supply and basically from the time that you go through puberty up until your egg is chosen, it’s like recruited to ovulate, they’re kind of dormant.

The cells are immature and they’re just frozen in this immature state until 90 days before ovulation, your egg is chosen and then it will go through this maturation process over these 90 days in preparation for fertilization. Now your ovaries are going to choose a bunch of eggs that will be potential candidates and then by the time it’s ovulated, it will take the best one. The dominant one. The one that your body has decided is the healthiest and most viable for ovulation. As your eggs are chosen and mature over these 90 days, a lot happens. They were dormant in this immature state until they were chosen and then at that point, they began growing at a very fast pace.

The DNA and the RNA replicate and duplicate, okay?

So, a lot happens here. All of this information is transcribed. So, all of this DNA, all of this genetic coding is transcribed. It is then duplicated and then it’s also replicated. I can’t quite wrap my head around it. I have read about it, and researched it, but in summary, your eggs are going through quite a transformation process. There’s a lot of genetic information that’s being passed along. You could imagine during this process that a lot of things can go wrong and this is what can result in having extra chromosomes or missing chromosomes. While this information is being transcribed and duplicated and split, then it can pick up an extra chromosome or it can drop off an extra chromosome.

Your eggs really need to be protected during this journey!

Your eggs also really need the correct hormones as well as the correct nutrients to be able to support this journey. This is so that your eggs can not only survive, but thrive. Because you want your egg to thrive. Now, the older you are of course your eggs become a bit more susceptible to damage. More susceptible to chromosome mishaps. The integrity of that DNA is just more fragile! So, it needs much more support because the older we are, kind of the more stress and toxins and stuff we’ve accumulated in our system that may need to be overcome.

When you’re 20 you can get away with a lot of things! Your body bounces back and it has a lot more resources and the eggs are just more protected. They’re not so fragile at that time. They’re tougher. It can withstand some exposure to unhealthy things but during this 90-day journey, you need to have the right nutrients. Your eggs need protein. That’s how it’s going to be able to duplicate. All of this DNA and RNA is built on protein. Protein is really important. Amino acids, are antioxidants because you need antioxidants to clean up all of the free radicals that are going to damage the DNA.

You need healthy fats.

Healthy fats are also really important for building healthy hormones. If your eggs are not exposed to the right hormones throughout this process, then they are not going to mature in a healthy way. There are going to be some issues. Your eggs also need minerals and vitamins as well. Not only do you need to make sure that you have the right nutrition in the form of a healthy diet and nutritional supplements, you also need to make sure that your body is actually able to assimilate that nutrition because you can put this food and these supplements into your body but they can actually go right through you if you’re digestive system isn’t healthy if you have autoimmune issues if your GI tract isn’t healthy if you have leaky gut.

There are a lot of reasons why your body may not actually be able to absorb the nutrition and use it. You also want your body to be able to circulate the nutrition to your reproductive organs. If it can’t get that nutrition in there with fresh, healthy blood cells, really good circulation, your eggs aren’t going to be exposed to it. It’s not just a matter of what you put in your body but also your body’s ability to deliver and absorb that nutrition. So, again, it is really important that you put the right things into your body! This is so that your body has the right ingredients to help your eggs through this maturation process so that they’re healthy by the time that they’re ovulated and it’s also really important for you to support your body to be able to deliver that nutrition to your reproductive organs, to your ovaries, to your eggs.

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