Learn how to get pregnant with Chinese medicine, positive thinking & the mind-body connection from San Diego fertility acupuncture expert, Heidi Brockmyre.

How to Increase Your Fertility in 5 Minutes

Warning: I'm about to get all woo-woo on you. Can you dig it?

Then I share my 5 minute tool and video to increase fertility at the end of this post.

But first I must prepare you...

Chinese medicine is an energetic medicine. So what does that mean?

Well, you have your body; the dense physical matter that is the vehicle through which you express yourself in form. It's kind of like the hard-wiring of the electrical system of a house.

The house and the wiring provides the matter through which electricity can express itself, but without the electric energy running through the system, there would be no light. The house wouldn't look all warm and cozy and inviting.

If your house isn't wired properly, you'll have lighting problems. An electrical fire could start somewhere or some rooms remain unlit.

In the same way, your physical body provides the dense matter through which your consciousness can express itself. And in Chinese medicine, qi is the electricity, the energy lighting up your body and bringing consciousness into all biological activities of each and every cell.

Qi influences the dense physical form of your body. If you think a scary thought, your heart beats faster and your shoulders tense. If you think happy thoughts, your body relaxes and you smile.

Your consciousness, (your thoughts and core beliefs), direct qi, infusing it with messages and missions.  Your consciousness can strengthen your qi or weaken it. Restore your organs or damage them. Regulate your systems or disrupt them.  Increase fertility or deplete it.

If you think scary thoughts all day, your heart is working overtime and your shoulders may become chronically tense. If you think happy thoughts all day, your heart is calm, your face is smiling and you're happy as a clam.

Scary, angry, worried and sad thoughts may be a temporary normal response to a current situation. Or they may chronically be present because of something that happened in the past, oftentimes during your childhood.

If you've been to a therapist even once, you've caught on that most of your unhealthy patterns are a result of reliving childhood hurts. Usually the chronic core beliefs that negatively effect your qi are the ones you're not even conscious of. You don't realize they've been directing your thoughts, your qi, your choices and your life all along.

"The body is the gateway to unconscious core beliefs--beliefs that organize our experience on all levels. Core beliefs are like the basic operating system of a human being-driving our behavior, shaping our bodies, our qi, and our symptoms, and influencing our capacity for healing." Fellow acupuncturist,  Lorena Monda

This is why it's so important to bring your core beliefs into consciousness or 'into the light'.

You may have expected that I'd share a magic herb, supplement, or exercise that teaches you how to increase fertility in 5 minutes. And I do share plenty of those tips in many of my blog posts, too.

But even more important for your fertile health is doing the inner work to set your qi right!

Sometimes you do all the right things, eat right, exercise, take the right supplements, have sex at the perfect time, yada yada yada and STILL nothing changes.

When I was in Peru and experiencing the traditional Shipibo shaman healing, I sat before the shaman and presented my intentions for being there and what I wanted from the plant medicine. Many pasajeros ('passengers', as they call us) say they want to feel happier, to find purpose, to be more spiritually connected, to attract abundance into their lives, to find love and so on.

I told him I wanted to develop my intuition and creativity more deeply. As I presented these wishes, he didn't look satisfied. He was waiting for more. So I told him I'd like to release anger and resentment. It was then that he nodded as if to say, "Ok, now I've got something to work with."

I wondered why I had to focus on the negative. Why did there have to be something wrong?

He later explained that we're all born with these gifts; health, spiritual connection, creativity, intuition, abundance, love, etc.. These gifts are our natural birth rights.

But it is the traumas throughout life and those that we've inherited from our ancestors that block us from our natural state of being and receiving these natural gifts. By releasing these traumas, we're unblocking flow and restoring ourselves to our natural states. From there, we can have what we want in out lives.

This totally jives with Chinese medicinal theory. So I was game.

In fact, I support the same goals of those I work with during my acupuncture treatments and my online programs. I help remove blocks so qi can flow properly and health is restored. That's pretty much what Chinese medicine boils down to.

The mornings after ceremonies, the shaman held meetings asking each of us to share our journeying experiences from last night's ceremony. I noticed that so many of us were working on embracing our inner child.

Most of us have experienced some degree of emotional and/or physical trauma during our childhood. It may have been as serious as legitimate child abuse of some kind or your best friend moving away. It's not up to you to judge whether or not that trauma was bad enough to count as trauma. The point is how your experience affected you and may STILL be affecting you.

(By the way, keep an eye out next week for the invitation for my fertility retreat in Peru next January! I'll be accepting applications for the limited available spots.)

Oftentimes as children, you weren't given the support you needed to fully heal from and release trauma. That may have been due to neglect or abuse, or because the adults in your life simply overlooked that you needed support at the time.

More often that not, when it comes to unconscious core beliefs that affect our health, it's our hurt unhealed inner child that's driving the boat. Your inner child may feel irrationally scared, angry, sad, worried, unlovable or unworthy and overreact to day-to-day situations.

So why is this important when you want to know how to increase your fertility?

Unconsciously the fears, anger, and grief of our inner child may affect your qi flow to your reproductive system.

Stress hormones released by these reactions also disrupt reproductive hormone output. (Randine Lewis shares some great insights about this in my summit.)

On some level you may fear being a parent because of what you experienced as a child. Or you may fear that you're not going to be a good parent.

Either way, by comforting and embracing your inner child, the direct benefit will be peace of mind, more control over your health, mood, decisions, and relationships.

The added bonus may be increasing your fertility and ultimately a successful healthy pregnancy. 

Oftentimes during my treatment sessions, my patients begin to open up and admit to beliefs they've been holding onto about themselves. More often that not, they feel guilty and/or unworthy, that somehow it's their fault they're not getting pregnant. The acupuncture points I choose help to unlock these false beliefs that are lodged within their physical bodies, allowing them to be expressed and released.

One of my patients recently admitted to feeling guilty about having 2 miscarriages. At the time she felt fearful and depressed when she became pregnant. The reality that her life was about to drastically change shocked her. She then blamed herself for the first two pregnancies not working out.

After coming to me for treatment, she's now pregnant for the third time. The other day she released healing tears as she expressed told me of her guilt. This morning I received a happy text from her telling me she saw a heartbeat at her first ultrasound.

So how do you embrace, comfort and heal your inner child?

Well here comes the part where I tell you...

How to Increase Fertility in 5 Minutes

1.) First follow along with the 1-minute video below that shows you how to do ear acupressure.

Ear acupressure calms your nervous system, making it easier to release old repressed traumas from the physical body.

The ear is shaped like an upside-down fetus. Points on the ear represent your entire body, including organ systems, your spine, and your reproductive organs. By stimulating these points, you can affect the entire body and calm the nervous system.

2.) After you've done the ear acupressure, Close your eyes. Relax. Focus on your breath. Let go of thoughts. Bring your attention to the space around your heart.

Think of a time you felt hurt as a child. Let the first thing that pops into your head guide you. Get in touch with how you felt as a child in that moment. Tell that child what it needs to hear to feel better. Hug the child in your mind. Tell her she's safe. Tell her she's loved. Now imagine her in a happy moment, innocent and playful, doing something she loves to do. See her smiling and surrounded by light.

Take a moment to think of any ways that child shows up in your life as an adult by how you may respond to situations. Offer yourself compassion and understanding. Next time she shows up, tell her she's safe and loved. Thank her for her concern and for doing the best that she could at the time to protect herself. But tell her it's okay. You're safe now. She can relax and go play.

All my love,