Learn how to get pregnant with Chinese medicine, positive thinking & the mind-body connection from San Diego fertility acupuncture expert, Heidi Brockmyre.

Why am I inviting you to take a mind-altering tea?

Why am I inviting you to take a mind-altering tea from the Amazon?

Good question!

And what mind-altering tea do I speak of?

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The magical tea is made from an Amazon vine known as Ayahuasca. Shamans and indigenous people of the Amazon also call it "The Vine of the Soul" or "The Vine of the Dead."

Ayahuasca has been used as a medicine for thousands of years by Shamans and the indigenous people of the Amazon for its effective emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing powers.

My passion in life is traditional medicine. As you know, I practice Traditional Chinese Medicine. The wisdom and effectiveness of this time-tested ancient system never ceases to amaze me as I see it work time and time again in my clinic.

I have great respect for the fact that it's been used for THOUSANDS of years on BILLIONS of people. That personally speaks more loudly to me than biased clinical studies.

Likewise, I LOVE finding the common ground and wisdom of traditional medical practices from all over the world.

I have such respect for medicine that's been passed down generation after generation from the ancestors.

Ancient cultures were so in tune with the earth and knew how to harness the healing powers of nature. They depended on it for their survival.

Traditional medical philosophies understand that you cannot heal the physical body without also healing the emotional and spiritual body.

My passion for exploring other cultures' traditional medicines brought me to Peru last June where my friend, Dr. Joe Tafur (a UCLA and UCSD trained physician), is co-owner of Nihue Rao Centro de Espiritual.

Dr. Tafur co-owns this retreat center with a Shipibo master shaman who leads Ayahuasca ceremonies and prescribes plant medicines and a special diet to the patients, or pasajeros (passengers), as they call them.

The purpose of Ayahuasca and the other plant medicines is to release emotional, physical and spiritual traumas that are blocking your health. 

In ceremonies, you're taken on a mind-altering journey during which you navigate through your subconscious and a spiritual world to get to the root of your health problems, whether emotional or physical.

After my Ayahuasca experience, I can best describe it as entering the spirit world and going through 10 years of therapy in 10 just days, but with more effective results than therapy.

I'm not exaggerating when I say my life has since dramatically changed.

Why do I recommend this to you to heal your fertility and get pregnant?

I can't tell you how many women I've treated that seemed to have an emotional block affecting their fertility.

And this is EXACTLY why I want to bring women to Peru to experience the magical healing powers of Ayahuasca and Indigenous Shamanism.

Sometimes there's no explanation for a woman's inability to conceive, leaving her, her doctors and me baffled.

Everything's in working order so why can't she conceive?

Other times there are very obvious problems, like a grapefruit-sized fibroid that keeps growing back, painful endometriosis, irregular cycles, or cystic ovaries and so on.

In Peru, I met a woman whose severely cystic ovaries were cured in one week after her first experience with Ayahuasca!
(I'll tell you more about her story in the live call.) 

My own cycle went from 35 days to 28 days after my first Ayahuasca experience.

In Chinese medicine, the reproductive organs are directly influenced by the Liver meridian. The Liver meridian also processes emotions. So it makes complete sense that repressed emotions and traumas can lead to reproductive issues.

Oftentimes you're not conscious of a traumatic experience because it's been repressed. Or you may be conscious of it but unaware of how it's affecting your health. Or maybe you've been to therapy, but you're still not fully healed. 

Talk therapy can surely be a valuable tool, however talking alone cannot always access the parts of the brain and nervous system that store traumas. This explains why it's often very slow to work or ineffective altogether.

Sadly, the majority of women in our culture have experienced some kind of sexual trauma in their lives. Women are particularly vulnerable to storing traumas in our reproductive system.

So many of my patients have expressed guilt from having had an abortion. Many others have a history of eating disorders, abusive relationships, traumatic events in their childhood, a history of substance abuse, car accidents or take anti-anxieties and anti-depressants.

These are all signs that you may be carrying trauma and that it could be blocking your ability to conceive.

Participating in an Ayahuasca healing ceremony certainly isn't for everyone. And I don't blame you if this ain't your cup o' tea! (Pun intended :-)

But it could be for you if:

  • You're an adventurous spirit.
  • You're a princess warrior.
  • You'd LOVE to go to Peru and have a truly life-changing experience. (I mean, who doesn't want to go to Peru!)
  • You like to grow spiritually and use challenges as an opportunity to do so.
  • You wonder deep down if an emotional block is preventing you from conceiving.
  • You want to create your family with a spiritually conscious mindset.
  • You're open-minded.
  • You and your partner would like a deeper relationship.

If you're interested in learning more about Ayahuasca, Amazon Shamanism and Traditional Chinese Medicine to heal your fertility, please join me and spiritual counselor, Francisco Villegas, for our LIVE CALL.

Even if you're just curious but don't think it's for you, you're welcome to join!



Healing Your Fertility
with Chinese Medicine and Amazon Shamanism

Tuesday September 16th U.S. Pacific Time

with Heidi Brockmyre, Expert Fertility Acupuncturist and Francisco Villegas, Spiritual Coach and Translator who worked and lived in the Amazon

  • What is the Amazon plant medicine and how can it help to heal my fertility differently than anything else I've tried?

  • Why physical and emotional traumas may be blocking you from conceiving and how you can release them.

  • How can Chinese medicine and Indigenous Amazon plant medicine and shamanism be used together to heal fertility?
  • LIVE Q+A Session. Ask your questions live or submit them in advance!


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